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If Miller can't play, the Daniel Thomas will give him the first battle. In addition, the team replaces the neighborhood Don SiMs Due to the toe injury will ablate this week, and Daryn Colledge is doubtful due to back injury.

Miller is excellent in season, and the ball is extremely efficient. If the state is kept, it is expected to break through the thousandth mark, and if the lack will have a smaller blow to the dolphin. This week Miller has been undergoing restriction training, and the possibility of appearance is not small.

Dolphin main running guard shoulder injury, this week is doubtful
In the game of Miami Dolphin and San Diego lightning, the Dolphins mainly runs the lamar miller shoulder and quits the game. After a week of recuperation, Miller's injury still has no significant improvement, and the team also marked it as "playing in question".

He spent the first six seasons in the jet, and won 19 copies. He walked to the Tampawan pirate team in the 2013 season, and went to the Patriots after a season. According to CBS sports reports, he thought and the Patriots team reached a $ 40 million contract, but did not achieve it.

Prior to Griffin, the Viking Branch has lost many players, including defensive disappearance, Linval Joseph, Xavier Rhodes, Tre-Waynes ( TRAE WAYNES and McKinsen - Alexander and Security Wei Andrewr - Sandho (Jayron Kears).

On Thursday, in an interview, Greg Williams said that many people didn't realize that the ankle injury has huge impact on Kunnan-Williams. After the latter is now restored, Greg Williams believes that the young defensive dish can play more excellent in the new season.

Milestone Horseshouses are going to play 200 games
Indianapolis pony classes Leng Ji-Wayne will play on Sunday, the 200th game of his career, all games are played for Pony, which makes him entered a very elite level.

"We have terminated the negotiations with Minnesota because they have to spend money in other places, and we now decide to put the focus on the free player market," Griffin's brokers said in the statement.

As a small horse player, there are still many times the number of times is the legendary quadrupanic unitas (206) and PEYTON Manning (208). Wi En said that he is very excited to have the opportunity to exceed his old teammates in the second half of this season. "We all know that Pelton is doing everything for this team. Some incredible I can more than him," Wi-En said. "He stayed here for a long time. He won many games for the team, so he was obviously a kind of honor with Pelton."

Wien's way to treat the game may make him more than a few years, and become a small horse player who has reached 225 games, or even 250 games. It is considered that there will be any external league to reach the first Detroit Lion Kick, Jason Hanson, is not very realistic for a team of 327 games. Wi En may not stick to his teammates, play the game of Adam Vinatieri's active player (278 games, 160 effective new England Patriots, 118 effective pony) . San Francisco 49 people legendary handle Jerry Rice's 303 non-player appearance record may also be safe.

But the reporter has not been disclosed in the treatment form of Lak to find, and we all know that Europe has a more relaxed medical treatment law relative to the United States, and Kobe Bryant has receiving PrP therapy in Europe, which Treatment method is not possible in the United States.

Of course, if you played 200 games, it means you are old. Will you know that you will never run the fastest player who runs on the court next month, especially in the knees before he knees. That is why Wen said that when he had naturally recession as a 30-year-old athlete's physical function, he is more focused on the spirit of the spirit. "I know that I can't be like Burto," WiN said. "I have to pay more attention to research video, observe my opponent and try to find the best way to occupy an advantage. I may now have more than I have been more than I have seen more than I have seen. This is useful. This help I arrived at me. This is how you maintain an advantage, I hope I can continue to maintain an advantage. "

Rak completed shoulder surgery in January this year, and this shoulder injury is caused by the 2015 season. It was originally rehabilitated after the ranking of the court, but it has already announced that he will absent the entire season.

In all teams have been seeking NFLs of the hand, Griffin should not be at home. He did 87 first in his career, and 8 shots were killed in the last season. Griffin took the 44.5th 擒 位 维 维 维 第 第 第,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,, 位 位 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒 擒
According to informed people, Griffin met two indicators & mdash; & mdash; achieved at least 6 murder and participated in at least 57% of defense, which made his remaining 3 years ago. Although many player contracts can meet the conditional contracts automatically, Griffin is one of the only two players who can decide whether to revoke the contract.